2018 Election Results

Almost 2.6 million Coloradans cast ballots in the midterm election, giving the state the second highest turnout in the nation, according to the unofficial final tally.

Information sent to the Colorado Secretary of State from Colorado’s 64 county clerks show that 2,585,944 ballots were cast, and 2,574,748 ballots were counted. Voters who failed to cure signature problems accounted for the majority of untabulated ballots.

Here are turnout demographics statewide:

Unaffiliated 880,025 (34.0%)
Democrats 851,006 (32.9%)
Republicans 814,779 (31.5%)
Other 40,134 (1.5%)

Here’s a look at Colorado’s turnout using various denominators:

Turnout by Active Voters 75.5% (2,574,748 / 3,410,856)
Turnout by Registered Voters 65.2% (2,574,748 / 3,946,475)
Turnout by Voting Eligible Population 62.7% (2,574,748 / 4,103,903)

 Active Voter Turnout in Arapahoe County 

Turnout All Voters 74.14%
Turnout Democrats 78.91%
Turnout Republicans 80.62%
Turnout Unafiiliated 66.10%

In past midterm elections Democratic turnout lagged Republican by as much as 10%. Closing the gap to 1.5% shows that the GOTV work done this cycle was effective. What an amazing election! You did it, you turned out the vote.

Our newly elected officials.

Congressional District 1

Congressional District 6

Governor of Colorado

Attorney General

Secretary of State

State Treasurer

CU Regent At-Large

Colorado State House

Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder

Arapahoe County Commissioner

Arapahoe County Assessor

Arapahoe County Sheriff

  • Tyler Brown

Close Races where we came up short:

In HD 38 Chris Kolker came within 391 votes of winning a district in which we had made little headway previously. His hard work and those of the volunteer activists in 38 have made this a swing seat for the first time in many years. Great work Chris!

Another close race was County Commission District 2. Don Strickland came within 1,000 votes against a well known incumbent.

In HD56 Dave Rose reduced the margins in a very tough conservative house district.