Picnic and Softball Game – Team Building at its Best

The annual Arapahoe Dems picnic August 13th was a great success, with about 100 people attending. We heard from our candidates, chowed down on burgers and hot dogs, and played a little softball.

The softball game ended in a tie. Broad Stripes 3 – Bright Stars 3. As Jared Polis summed up so well, “Democrat Victory!” It was called after 4 or 5 innings due to the weather, but what a great game! Thanks to everyone who stepped up to play, and everyone who assisted, umped, scored, and cheered.

On a more somber note, a moment of silence was observed for those killed and injured in Charlottesville. We also painted and signed banners to protest that violence.

Thank you to HD3, HD41, and HD42 for sponsoring the picnic and the volunteers who did a terrific job of filling our plates, satisfying our appetites, promoting the event and in general doing a bang-up job!