What is a Canvass?

Canvassing refers to going door-to-door in a neighborhood and having conversations about important issues with community members. It is an essential component of organizing. We use canvassing to talk to voters about issues that matter to them, spread our message and recruit new volunteers. The results of every conversation are recorded so we can make sure we are organizing in the most efficient way possible and focusing on what's most important to voters. Organizing for America's success in 2010 depends upon our ability to share our message through as many discussions with voters as possible.

The Colorado Democrats People to People Program

The People-to-People program is just one part of the Colorado Democratic Party’s approach to organizing. We believe in the adage that all politics is local, and that the best ideas usually come from the bottom-up, not the top-down. Instead of listening to the consultants or reading the polls, we want to hear directly from you and your neighbors about what’s working and what’s not.