Precinct Organizers (f/k/a PCPs)

What is a Precinct Organizer?

Precinct Organizer (PO) is the new name for Precinct Committee Person or PCP. A PO is the representative of the Democratic Party in your neighborhood. POs are elected at the precinct caucus and serve a two-year term. POs can also be appointed by the House District Chair to fill a vacancy.

To be a Democratic Party PO you must:

  • Be a registered Democrat

  • Either be elected at Caucus or request to be appointed by the Party between elections

  • Live in the precinct you represent

How can I Become a PO?

Attend Caucus, run for the position and get elected by your Precinct, or contact the Chair of your house district if there is a current vacancy. To find her/his contact information, click on your house district here and see the current list of officers.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of POs:

  1. Represent the Party at the Precinct level

  2. Together with other POs and volunteers, educate voters about our issues and candidates

  3. Be a voting member of the Central and Vacancy Committees of the Arapahoe County Democratic Party

  4. Work to elect Democratic Party nominees by registering voters and helping to Get Out the Vote in your precinct