House District 37 Representative Tom Sullivan won his seat just months ago.

Tom Sullivan, who lost his son Alex in the Aurora Theatre shooting, is being targeted by political extremists that are trying to profit off more elections. They are sore losers and trying to undermine the results of the most recent election.

Tom has kept his promises.

One of the signature pieces of legislation from the 2019 legislative session was the Extreme Risk Protection Order. It protects our families and communities and it was a policy that Tom worked towards for House District 37 and Colorado.

How do recalls work?

Recalls are a constitutional mechanism in Colorado that allow for the removal of an elected official. A recall petition must garner the signatures that equal or exceed a percentage of the last election's votes. If that occurs, the district will have a two part election: (1) whether to recall the target official and (2) who to replace them with.


Donate: the extremists leading the recall are funded by dark money. Every donation helps.

Decline to sign: If you are in HD37 and are approached to sign a petition, do not sign it.

Support Tom: Attend townhalls and spread the work about the good work Tom is doing.

Volunteer: Sign up to call and canvass to fight the petition effort.