Zoom: Best Practices

Follow these tips to make your Caucus easier

Getting ready for the Caucus Zoom:

Be sure you have the most recent version of Zoom: Download Center for Zoom Apps and Plugins | Zoom 

Using Zoom on a computer (instead of a phone) will be easier for most people to move from Zoom to the online ballot and back.

If other household members are using the internet at the same time -- especially streaming video or other high bandwidth activity -- this can slow down or stop your Zoom connection.

When you join the Caucus Zoom:

Enter your FULL NAME for the Zoom meeting. If you will be logged in under a Zoom account, set your full name in your profile ahead of time.

If you are sharing a computer with another household member for the caucus, enter BOTH names for the Zoom meeting so that you can both be marked as attending. We need names of ALL attendees so you can be eligible to be delegates to assemblies.

When you first join the Zoom, you'll be in an online waiting room. Please be patient. Our credentials team will be working hard to verify everyone and check you in! 

When you are brought out of the waiting room, you will be asked to join a breakout room. You must agree to join the breakout room. If you don't respond, you'll miss your district caucus.

Once in your breakout room, we’ll wait for others to check-in and then begin Caucus at 7pm.  Feel free to step away from your computer and come back at 7pm but please stay logged in.