Arapahoe Young Democrats (AYD)

Arapahoe Young Dems play a critically important role in the future of the Arapahoe County Democratic Party. We are the future! We understand how important it is to maintain an organization infrastructure that will help get Democrats elected to important seats across the county and state.

2020 is an important election year - we have amazing candidates from County Commissioner (where we are fighting for a Democratic majority) to Colorado House & Senate, to Colorado Regent CD 6 on up!

If you're a young Democrat (ages 16 to 35 or just young at heart) who lives in Arapahoe County, Colorado, please join Arapahoe Young Dems!

Arapahoe Young Dems (AYD) 2020 Officers

Chair - Chris Davis

Vice Chair / Ops Director - Ayah Ziyadeh

Finance Director - Keenan Sweigart

Outreach Director - L Boss

Communications Director - Brittany Gonzalez

Policy Director - Zack Burley

AYD MONTHLY MEETINGS are the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7 PM via Zoom.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Time: 7:00 PM

Zoom link:

    • Meeting ID: 870 2136 7747

    • Password: 636867

Questions? Reach us at