Special Election!

Why it matters:

Bills to support our families and protect our freedoms are being blocked by a small group of MAGA Republican House members. Here's how voters can flip a seat and help change the balance for all of us:

In the Special Election, Democrat Trisha Calvarese is running against a Republican place holder.

For the Primary, you choose a Democrat to run against the eventual Republican opponent in November. Lauren Boebert may end up being that opponent in November (if she wins the Republican primary).

More about each page of your ballot:

Ballot Page 1 - Primary Election

Three Democratic candidates are running to be our nominee for November:

Trisha Calvarese - website

John Padora Jr. - website

Ike McCorkle - website

Democratic voters, and Unaffiliated voters choosing to vote in the Democratic primary, can select one of these three. The Democratic primary winner will be on the ballot for November 5, 2024.

The November 5 winner will be the new Member of Congress beginning January 3, 2025.

Ballot Page 2 - Special Election

Former Congressman Ken Buck stepped down early, leaving a vacant seat. 

There's a special election to replace him. 

One Democrat is running to finish this term of office: Trisha Calvarese (website)

Calvarese was chosen by a committee of local Democrats earlier this year, according to Colorado law and state party rules. 

The special election winner will be the new Member of Congress for the remainder of 2024.