Special Election!

Congressional District 4 (CD4) Vacancy

Congressman Ken Buck has stepped down before his term ended. Voters will choose a replacement on June 25.

CD4 voters have TWO opportunities this year to protect our freedoms and our futures!  

For the Special Election on June 25:

April 1 CD4 Democratic convention where the nominee was chosen: Trisha Calvarese. (The convention was recorded and you can click here to watch.)

April 1 voters: The CD4 Democratic vacancy committee, mostly neighborhood Democratic volunteers.

June 25 Special election. The winner will serve the remaining time of the current term, which ends in January 2025.

June 25 voters: All registered voters in CD4.

For the Regular General Election on Nov. 5:

April 11 CD4 Democratic assembly to put one, two, or maybe even three candidates on the primary ballot.

April 11 voters: Democratic delegates to the CD4 assembly. These delegates were elected at their county assemblies in March.

June 25 Primary election to decide which candidate from each major party will become their nominee for the general election ballot.

June 25 voters

November 5 General election. The winner will serve for the next full term, beginning January 2025. 

November 5 voters: All registered voters in CD4.

The graphic below was created by Congressional District 4 Democrats. Visit their website here and their Facebook page here for news and streaming options of their April 1 special convention.

<Image: Logo for Congressional District 4 Democrats>

Congressional Vacancy Election

How Does It Work?

1) What is a Congressional Vacancy Election?

An election held at a time other than the general election for the purpose of filling a vacancy in an unexpired term of a Representative in Congress.

<Image: Denver Post headline and lede regarding the resignation of Ken Buck> 

<Link: https://www.denverpost.com/2024/03/12/ken-buck-resigns-congress-special-election/ >

2) Time of Congressional Vacancy Elections

Any vacancy occurs in the office of a Representative in Congress from this state, the Governor shall set a day to hold an election to fill the vacancy.

<Image: The Hill headline and lede regarding Governor Polis announcement of the special election to be held on June 25, 2024> 

<Link: https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/4527614-colorado-governor-sets-special-election-for-bucks-seat-on-june-25/ >

3) Nominations of Political Party Candidates

Any convention of delegates of a political party or any committee authorized by resolution of the convention shall nominate a candidate to fill a vacancy in the unexpired term of a Representative in Congress.

<Image: Colorado Politics headline and lede regarding the setting of the online convention on April 1, 2024 to nominate a Democratic candidate for CD 4 for the special election on June 25>

<Link: https://www.coloradopolitics.com/elections/2024/colorado-democrats-set-convention-to-pick-nominee-for-special-election-to-replace-republican-ken-buck/article_9ef31e6a-e2e9-11ee-b528-0b2ce1d8fc3c.html >

4) Who Votes at the Special Convention?

The voting members of the Special Convention shall consist of the CD4 central committee plus all Precinct Organizers within CD4.  All candidates who have submitted a letter of intent will receive the list of delegates to the Special Convention, and updates as they become available.

<Image: Logo for Congressional District 4 Democrats>

5) Can I Watch the Special Convention?

Voting members will be provided a Zoom Registration link at least 10 days prior to the Special Convention on April 1st, 2024.  The public and press are encouraged to check out the CD4 Democrats website https://cd4demsco.org/ for links to online streaming of this event.

The Candidate Chosen at the Special Nomination Convention will appear on the June 25th, 2024 Special Election Ballot.

Paid for by the CD4 Democrats, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.