Caucus & Assembly

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A flowchart titled Nominating assemblies. The flow is from left to right. On the left is a box labeled Caucus March 7. Side notes say “Caucus is the starting point! Elect precinct organizers, send delegates to the next step.” In the center is a box labeled Arapahoe County Assembly March 9. Side notes say “Nominate candidates for single-county districts, send delegates to the next step.” On the right is a column of four boxes for multi-county assemblies. Each one flows directly from the Arapahoe County assembly, showing that delegates will go directly from the county assembly to respective assemblies in those districts. The top box is labeled House District assemblies March 30 to April 10. The second box is labeled Senate District assemblies March 30 to April 10. The third box is labeled Congressional District assemblies April 11. The fourth box is labeled State assembly April 13. Side notes say “Nominate candidates for multi-county districts & statewide office.”

At caucus, we elected our neighborhood precinct organizers, and we elected delegates to the county assembly.

Important: All county delegates are elected at the caucus they attended. 

There is no such thing as an "automatic delegate."

A diagram titled Multi County versus Single County Assemblies.  On the left is the subtitle Single County. An icon of a person is shown following an arrow from the Arapahoe County assembly box to the House District 40 assembly box. Side notes say “same day, same place.” On the right is the subtitle Multi County. There’s a box for Arapahoe County Assembly and a box for Denver County Assembly. Person icons are shown following arrows from each county assembly to a box for the House District 3 assembly, where delegates from each county will meet. Next to the person icons are numbers showing that Arapahoe County can send 20 delegates and Denver County can send 15, for a total of 35 delegates to the House District 3 assembly. Side notes say the Arapahoe County Assembly is March 9 and the House District 3 assembly is at a later date, on Zoom.

From the county assembly, delegates are elected and sent to other districts. For example, at their House District assembly, they'll nominate candidates to run for that seat in the State House.

For districts wholly contained in Arapahoe County, their assemblies were all held together on the same day and at the same place.

Districts that cross county lines will hold separate Zoom assemblies later on. 

County Convention

The County Convention is a step in electing:

The 2024 Arapahoe County Democratic Convention took place along with our County Assembly. 

Party Platform

The Colorado Democratic Party is inviting platform ideas ("planks") from Democrats all over Colorado. If you know of values the Democratic Party should stand up for, read the existing platform on this page to see if they're already there. Any new ideas or revisions to existing planks can be submitted on that same page.

Use the Colorado Secretary of State's Find My Registration page to look up your districts.

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