2024 Caucus & Assembly

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There are two main ways that a candidate for political office can get their name on the ballot:

How to Join & What We'll Do

In 2024, the Arapahoe County Democratic Party will hold:

If you are an Arapahoe County resident registered (or pre-registered) as a Democrat by February 14, 2024 or sooner, you will be able to:

County Delegates will go to the County Assembly on March 9, where they will help choose candidates for the primary ballot. They'll have the opportunity to become delegates for other district assemblies and the state assembly.

Precinct organizers (PO) help their neighbors find out about the Democratic Party and local candidates for important positions. The PO position lasts for two years, ending at the 2026 caucus.

The County Convention is a step in electing delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, August 19 to 22.

There is more information at the Colorado Secretary of State's Caucuses page. and the Colorado Democratic Party's Caucus page.

You can register as a new Colorado voter or update your registration at the Secretary of State's voter registration page.

We'll share more information about our Arapahoe events and process as we get closer. Check back here later!