2024 Election

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What voting Democratic means

We believe in American self-governance: that all power ultimately belongs to and must be exercised by the people.

We believe in an America that lives up to its promise of liberty and justice for all.

We believe that the needs of our many families, friends, and neighbors outweigh the greeds of the ultra-wealthy few.

We know that when we vote together and work together, we can create a truly representative democracy where every voice is heard.


The party primary elections are June 25, 2024. Ballots will be mailed out on June 3. ArapahoeVotes.gov is the County Clerk & Recorder's official election site and has everything you need to vote

If you've moved recently, update your registration here.

As Democrats, we believe that voters choose our leaders. As a party, we do not make endorsements in races contested between Democrats.

Democratic Primary Candidates for 2024

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U.S. House of Representatives

District 1  Diana DeGette

    John Wren (write-in)

District 4*    Trisha Calvarese

John Padora

Ike McCorkle

District 6  Jason Crow

*NOTE: For District 4, there will be two June 25 elections: the special election and the primary election. Click here to find out what's different about them.

University of Colorado Regent At Large (statewide)

Elliott Hood

Charles “CJ” Johnson

State Board of Education for Congressional District 4

Krista Holtzmann

District Attorney

Amy Padden

State Senate

District 16  Chris Kolker

District 21  Dafna Michaelson Jenet

District 26  Jeff Bridges

District 28  Mike Weissman

                  Idris Keith

District 29  Janet Buckner

State House of Representatives

District  3   Meg Froelich

District  9   Emily Sirota

District 36  Bryan Lindstrom

                  Michael Carter

District 37  Chad Clifford

District 38  Gretchen Rydin

District 40  Naquetta Ricks

District 41  Iman Jodeh

District 42  Mandy Lindsay

District 56  Alessandra Navetta

District 61  Eliza Hamrick

County Commissioner

District 1  Carrie Warren-Gully

District 3  Scott Brown

District 5  Hashim Coates 

Rhonda Fields 

2024 Democratic Candidates for Arapahoe Dems Website