House District 41 - Officers

House District 41 Officers 2023-2025

Chair: Kunle Taiwo

1st Vice Chair: Devin Lynn

2nd Vice Chair: Bev Lynn


Treasurer: Pam Culig 

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Kunie Taiwo


Kunle Taiwo is a 28-year resident of Aurora and a small business owner. He is a Principal with an Aurora Architecture firm. Kunle has been involved with the Arapahoe Democratic Party as a PCP since the Al Gore Presidential campaign in 2000. He has also served as HD41 second vice chair. As a Democrat in Aurora, he has helped bring on the change of the city from majority Republican to majority Democrat. Kunle wants us as Arapahoe Democrats to continue to expand our values and our voting base throughout the County, as we head into the future.

Kunle notes, “We don’t have to all think alike. But we have to unify around our core values found in our Democratic Party Platform. We need to continue to build on the strength of our party, which is based on our diversity and inclusion of people of all creeds, faith and ethnicity. Also, in the coming years our emphasis has to be to expand our millennial/young person base as active voting Democrats”.