2023 Democratic Party Reorganization (ReOrg)


Aurora Central High School 

11700 E 11th Ave, Aurora, CO 80010  

Saturday, February 4, 2023 

Check-in: 9:00 - 9:30 AM 

Gavel: 10:00 AM 


What Is ReOrg and How can I participate?

1. What is “ReOrg”?

ReOrg is shorthand for Reorganization - every two years, the Democratic Party elects leadership for every* governing board and committee in the Party as provided by Colorado law and Colorado Democratic Party rules.  *NOTE: We do not elect new Precinct Organizers (POs) at ReOrg.  POs serve until 2024 Caucus.

2. When is County ReOrg?

Saturday, February 4, 2023. 



Aurora Central High School 

11700 E 11th Ave, Aurora, CO 80010  

Check-in: 9:00 - 9:30 AM 

Gavel: 10:00 AM 

3. How can I participate?

Complete this REGISTRATION FORM and then attend in person.  Bring your smart phone, tablet or computer for online voting.  We'll have extra computers there too.

4. Who can run for a board or committee position?

Any registered Democrat may attend ReOrg and run for positions in the districts in which they live.  For example, County party offices may be filled by any Democrat who lives in our County, but house district offices may only be filled by Democrats who live in that house district.  Candidates do not need to be a voting member to run (see who can vote in #6, below).  

5. How do I run?

6. Who can vote at County ReOrg?

County Central Committee members who live in the district vote at County ReOrg.  In Arapahoe County, our County Central Committee consists of the district officers (elected at the last ReOrg or thereafter), Precinct Organizers (POs - elected at the last caucus), Precinct Captains (if any), and certain elected officials who live in that district.  

7. A note about single and multi-county districts in Arapahoe County.  

***Multi-County districts are governed by the State Party Rules and require two steps for ReOrg.***

Step One.  In February, each County's Precinct Organizers (POs f/k/a PCPs), Captains, and a few others vote to elect Bonus Members to attend another meeting in March.

Step Two.  In March, the Bonus Members from each County and a few others vote to elect the new district Officers.  

Those Bonus Members and new Officers and a few others then serve as the district's Central & Vacancy Committee for the next two years.  

NOTE: in single-county districts POs are members of the central & vacancy committees for districts in which they live.  BUT, in multi-county districts, POs are not automatically on the central & vacancy committee.  POs must run to be bonus members to be on the central & vacancy committee.  Any Democrat who lives in the district may run to be a bonus member.  Please register ASAP and indicate you'd like to run.  

8. What districts have governing boards?  

At various ReOrgs, the Party elects a board for: 

9. What are the board positions / Officers?

The five basic positions in Arapahoe County are below.  Other Counties and Multi-County districts may have different or additional positions. Only a Chair and Secretary are required, others are helpful. See descriptions far below.

10. What are the Committees elected at ReOrg?

11. What is the basic outline for elections at County ReOrg and how many people are needed?  

Bonus Member and Designated Rep are defined in #12, below.

All voting members in the County 

Separate breakout sessions convened: 

11. What are Bonus Members and Designated Reps?

Bonus Member - The name given to some members of a Multi-County district central committee.  (Single-County district central committees are mostly comprised of Precinct Organizers and Captains.)  Multi-County central committees members are elected and sent from each participating County's Reorg.  They are called 'bonus members' to distinguish them from officers and elected officials who may be 'automatic members.'  

At each Multi-County district ReOrg in March, the bonus members and other members of the central committee elect the officers of that Multi-County district and other committee positions like Platform, if applicable. 

Designated Rep - The County Chair and County 1st Vice Chair are automatic members of the three Congressional District (CD) central committees in our county.  If the County Chair and 1st VC do not live in the CD, they designate a representative who does live there to represent them on that CD's central committee. 

For each House District and Senate District in the county, the County Chair, County 1st VC, and the County Secretary are automatic members and must designate representatives on those HD & SD central committees in which they do not reside.  


WHEN are the Multi-County Reorganization meetings?

WHAT does each officer and committee member do?